Tree Services in Candler, NC

Tree Services in Candler, NC

Tree Services in Candler, NC

Tree Care Services in Candler, NC

tree care in candler ncWhen you need a specialist in residential tree care services, look no further than Quality Tree Service. Our residential tree care program sends an arborist to your home to investigate the overall health of your trees. We look for insect infestation, rotting, dead branches, consider the overall canopy and shape of each tree, and consider a wide variety of factors to gauge the health of your tree. We can then start to cure those problems and recommend any remedies to preserve long-term growth and appearance. Because there is an aesthetic factor involved, it takes an expert eye to prevent trees from detracting from the value of your home.

Our commercial tree services work in the same manner but consider larger landscaping features that are often found on commercial properties. There are not many companies that have the skills to handle this volume of work. We strive to keep your tree line organized, safe, and attractive. We can also provide lightning prevention to reduce the risks of property damage from fallen limbs during severe thunderstorms.

Tree Pruning & Trimming Services in Candler, NC

tree trimming candler ncQuality Tree Service Provides a variety of prune and trim services. Not all trees can be pruned year-round. Some trees can only be pruned while they are resting in a dormant season. Every species of tree has its own challenges and requires careful consideration for the type of equipment that we may use.

For this reason, we never simply show up and start cutting at your tree. We first have to send a specialist to your home to estimate the job. They need to look at the complexity of skill required, the size of the tree, the age, the type of tree, and other factors to determine the best strategy.

We can merely remove large dangerous branches that are encroaching on your home or large dead limbs that can break and injure people and property. In the alternative, we can provide regular maintenance to remove dead limbs. Or, if you desire, we can provide full-scale pruning and trimming to maintain the tree and to develop a lush and even canopy free of dead limbs or unwanted overgrowth.

Tree Removal Services in Candler, NC

There are times when you will want to move an entire tree that is located in a precarious position or that is diseased and aged. Trees are extremely heavy and can kill someone if they try to use a chainsaw and hack at the tree themselves. In other situations, the limbs can come down suddenly and destroy property.

land clearing clearing cleanups candler ncWe have the special crane equipment and the experience to pull off these removals without any risks to your property. And because we are fully insured and licensed, you never have to worry about damage even if your home is worth millions of dollars.

Stump Grinding or Removal Services in Candler, NC

Once the tree is removed, the stump still remains. If you want to create useable space and build a fresh landscape, it must be ground down or removed. Our experience allows us to grind down stumps and fully remove them so that no one would ever know that a tree was there.

Storm Tree Damage Cleanups & Land Clearing in Candler, NC

Often times, trees are left in disarray after a severe thunderstorm. Limbs can be sheared off and may even crash through your roof. We provide emergency service by removing any fallen limbs and even sculpting your trees to look as aesthetically pleasing as possible again.