The Tree Owners Manual

Trust us when we say that we could write an entire book on the subject of possessing a tree, but we’re going not going to do that. There are just basic tips any property owner should be aware of when it comes to the ownership of a tree. They 100% have to do with taking proper care of the tree and making sure they are maintained properly. Many people don’t do this and believe in the myth that, “trees can take care of themselves.”

That particular phrase couldn’t be further from the truth. Just because it sits in your landscape and looks relatively the same day to day doesn’t mean it couldn’t use your help. Trees need to be pruned, inspected and cared for on a seasonal basis to avoid dangerous issues or even possible felling.

We always like to tell our customers to either check in with us or follow tips related to good fertilization practices. There are only so many things that a non-professional can do in a safe-controlled environment. When you hire a company like ours, you get the advantage of experience, licensing, insurance, equipment and man-power.

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